Marisa J. Pascucci is the Curator of 20th Century & Contemporary Art at the Boca Raton Museum of Art. Most recently she was the Associate Editor of The Art Economist, independent curator, author, consultant, adjunct faculty and career advisor. She has also served as the Curator of American Art at the Norton Museum of Art; Senior Curator at the Everson Museum of Art; Associate Curator at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts; Curatorial Assistant at MOCA, Cleveland; and Instructor at the Cleveland Museum of Art. For further information, please visit

Reto Thüring is the Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art at the Cleveland Museum of Art. A native of Switzerland, he obtained a PhD in Art History from the University of Basel in 2011. In 2007 he co-founded the Association Kunstwollen in Zurich. As a curator he has realized 19 exhibitions since 2006 and has shown the works of more than one hundred artists. Since 2004, his primary focus has been working with contemporary art as a curator, editor, and art critic. For further information, please visit

Adelina Vlas is the Assistant Curator for Modern & Contemporary Art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. She has a master’s degree in Art History from York University in Toronto, as well as a master of arts in Curating Contemporary Art from the Royal College of Art in London. Previously, she has worked at the National Gallery of Canada, where she concentrated on permanent collection displays and acquisitions. Since joining the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 2007, she has focused on organizing exhibitions with younger-generation artists. For further information, please visit

Note: To ensure objectivity and fairness artists should not contact the jurors. Any questions you may have should be directed to Dave Bown
at (917) 365-5265 or

Dave Bown Projects
The initiatives of the privately held U.S. company focus on advancing the field of visual arts by conducting research, buying works of art for the Collection of Dave Bown Projects, and providing unrestricted monetary awards to visual artists.

$10,000 USD (1 artist will receive $5,000 USD and 5 artists will each receive $1,000 USD).

In addition to the cash prizes listed above; Dave Bown Projects will be buying works of art from artists as submissions are received.

The top 25 artists will be selected by the jurors and featured under Competitions on this website. Each artist will have their own page that will feature an image, caption information, and a link to their website (click here to view an example). You will retain the copyright to your images.

Note: Everything will take place online, so you don’t need to worry about shipping your work unless Dave Bown Projects buys it. When Dave Bown Projects buys works of art, we pay for shipping.

Currently the Dave Bown Projects network reaches over one hundred thousand people who are committed to the visual arts. We will have an announcement sent via email to an aggregation of tens of thousands of subscribers (artists, collectors, curators, galleries, museums, writers). We will have a share button on each page of this website so that you and everyone else will be able to share content with friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Each of the artist from past competitions receive thousands of views on this website. We will produce a press release (click here to view a past press release) and organize opportunities for dialogue. We will not handle the sale of your work. All inquiries will be forwarded to you and / or your gallery.

Note: Gallery owners have contacted artists that are featured under Competitions on this website.

This competition is open to all visual artists who are 18 years of age or older. All styles and mediums are eligible.
During the previous competition, we received submissions from over 40 countries.

Note: Artists that have been exhibited by the jurors are not eligible.

Selection Process
Early entries are encouraged. Previewing will occur on a daily and weekly basis by Dave Bown Projects as submissions are received.

Selection will be based on merit (your skills and abilities, via images of your work). All images will be considered and viewed by Dave Bown Projects.

The jurors will only have access to the images of your work and a document that list a reference number, medium, and dimensions per image. We will change the file names of each of your images (e.g., c-6_0123.jpg) so that the jurors will not have access to your name, gender, ethnicity, or any impermissible criterion or circumstance. The jurors are interested in viewing images of work from emerging artists from all styles and mediums.

30 May 2013, 11:59 p.m. EST

The list of 25 artists, images, caption information, and press release will be posted on 15 June 2013 under Competitions on this website. And the 6 prize recipients will receive a phone call.

Entry Fee
A non-refundable entry fee is required with your submission. There are no additional fees.
4 images for $40 USD, 7 images for $60 USD, 12 images for $90 USD.
Please note the following options for payment of your entry fee: