Competition 15



Note: To ensure objectivity and fairness artists should not contact the juror. Any questions you may have should be directed to Dave Bown at +1 (917) 365-5265 or

We will organize an exhibition in a gallery space. The selected artists will be responsible to drop off or ship their work to and from the gallery. Work is not required to be for sale. Artist will receive 50% of sale price.

Up to but not limited to $10,000 USD
One (1) Grand Pirze: $5,000
Five (5) Awards of Excellence: $1,000 each

Note: Cash prizes are not purchase awards. Cash prizes are unrestricted monetary awards.

In addition to the cash prizes listed above; Dave Bown Projects will be buying works of art from artists as submissions are received.

Online Publication
The top 25 artists will be selected by the jurors and featured online (click or touch here to see an example) under Competitions on this website. Each artist will have their own page that will feature an image of their work, caption information, and a link to their website ... You will retain the copyright to your images.

Book Publication
The top 25 artists will be selected by the jurors and featured in a phyiscal book (see an example below). Each artist will have their own page that will feature an image of their work, caption information, etc. You will retain the copyright to your images. Our goal is to give 500 copies of the book to people in the field of visual arts that have influence, such as: museum curators, gallerist, art critics ... with an agreement that they share publicly on social media what they like.  The book will be available to buy.

Publisher: Dave Bown Projects
Pages: 72; Fully illustrated
Statements by Alison Hearst, Benjamin Sutton, and Jodi Throckmorton
Dimensions: 10 8 inches (25 20 cm)

Currently the Dave Bown Projects network reaches over one hundred thousand people who are committed to the visual arts. We will have an announcement sent via email to an aggregation of tens of thousands of subscribers (collectors, curators, galleries, museums, writers, etc.).

Each of the artists from past competitions receive thousands of views on this website. We will produce a press release (click or touch here to view a past press release) and organize opportunities for dialogue. We will not handle the sale of your work. All inquiries will be forwarded to you.

Note: Gallery owners have contacted artists that are featured under Competitions on this website
"This award has been critical in funding and promotion of my art work ... the new eyes that it has brought to my work on my website and studio visits directly form the Dave Bown Projects website .... I can't thank them enough ... it's great that this competition is not about who you know ... it's just about the integrity of the work itself."
— Austin Ballard
“Receiving an ... award from Dave Bown Projects ... afforded me the opportunity to ... buy additional supplies I needed, in particular, larger panels to paint on ... the recognition on their web site gained me more web site traffic and I got the opportunity to work with a new gallery as a direct result of the recognition from the award.”
— Brenda Hope Zappitell
“Most recently a local museum curator approached me and invited me to participate in an exhibit ... I asked the curator ‘how did you find my work’ she said ‘the reason why I  invited you to show is because of the prize from Dave Bown Projects."
— Etsuko Ichikawa
Click or touch here to find out more about What our past prize recipients are saying      
This competition is open to all visual artists who are 18 years of age or older. All styles, mediums, and themes are eligible.
During the previous competition, we received submissions from over 40 countries.

Note: Artists that have been exhibited or are currently being exhibited by the jurors are not eligible. Artists that have worked or are currently working with the jurors are not eligible. Employees of the [insert where jurors work here] are not eligible.


Early entries are encouraged ... Because previewing will occur on a daily and weekly basis by Dave Bown Projects as submissions are received.

Selection will be based on merit (your skills and abilities, via images of your work). All images will be considered and viewed by Dave Bown Projects. Dave Bown Projects reserves the right to reject a submission (images of work) at any time and for any reason.

Do not try to guess what the juror might like ... the juror has agreed to set aside their personal bias when they select artists. 

The juror will only have access to the images of your work and a document that list a reference number, medium, and dimensions per image. We will change the file names of each of your images (e.g., c-15_0123.jpg) so that the juror will not have access to your name, gender, ethnicity, or any impermissible criterion or circumstance.

The juror is interested in viewing images of work from emerging artists from all styles, mediums, and themes.

Note: Past competition results are not an indication of what the results of this competition will look like ... because the jurors were different.

“Mr. Bown is a well-respected patron of museums and individual artists ... I applaud his investment in supporting emerging artists.”
— Claire C. Carter, Curator of Contemporary Art, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
“The artists who applied to Dave Bown Projects capture the diversity and vibrancy of contemporary art today.”
— Carmen Hermo, Assistant Curator for Collections, Guggenheim Museum, New York 
“Dave Bown Projects ... rewards innovation with the kind of unrestricted generosity and opportunity that has become all too rare in today's market-driven art culture.”
— Al Miner, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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The list of 25 artists, images, caption information, and press release will be posted after TBD under Competitions on this website ... so mark your calendar now. The prize recipients may receive a phone call. All artists that enter a submission will be notified after TBD via email.

Refund Policy: No refunds, no returns, no exchanges, or credit.

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4 images for $40 USD, 7 images for $60 USD, 12 images for $90 USD
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Note: Video, web-based, and performance artists need to include a URL and an image (video still) for each piece.

We look forward to viewing images of your work.

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